Hi my name is Matilda Fiship, I'm a 22 year old artist from Sweden, and this is where you'll find all of my links and information!

This is the page for commission information, make sure you read all of it before you commission me.

-To commission me you have to use a specific GOOGLE FORM I made.

I do digital artwork and 3D textures. Please read through the google form before you submit it.

If you are wondering why the prices are high, its because this is my job and I put a lot of time and effort into rendering my artwork.
37% of it also goes to taxes!

If you e-mail me without filling in this form it'll be deleted, so please use the form I prepared.
I will contact YOU, using the e-mail you provided, if I'm interested in taking your commission.
If you dont get an e-mail from me within 10 days, you can try again next month.

Unfortunately I can't accept all commissions, cause I get a LOT. I dont have a slot system I just take commissions as I go and have time.
Please make sure you read the before commissioning me.

Commission Terms of Service
No refunds after the sketch stage.I reserve the right to decline any work.I retain copyright to the commissioned artwork unless discussed otherwise.I reserve the right to use/publish and/or stream and record the commissioned artwork unless discussed otherwise.
If you are interested in commissioning work for commercial use:
You need to own the rights to what you are sellingYou have to let me know beforehand if you plan on using these designs commercially. We can discuss the price. It would either be a flat rate or a % of any profit made. But generally speaking: If the artwork is NOT the bulk of the product (promotional material, CD cover, game assets, social media artwork, etc) the commission price is increased by 150%If the artwork is the bulk of the product and you're reproducing or selling it (body pillow, postcard, merchandise, print, etc) the commission price is increased by 300%NOTE: If I know you and keep in contact with you, we can also just do a % of any profit made instead of the flat 150/300% rate.

If you have commissioned something and decide you want to purchase the commercial rights to the artwork, email me and we can work something out.

Adoptables/buying a character design
When you purchase a design, you get the rights to use the character for any personal use, it is yours to roleplay as, commission art of, basically it is your personal character. NOT for profit or commercial usage. If you decide to use a character you have bought the rights to for anything commercial, you have to let me know, and depending on the project it may have a flat fee or a % of the profit.Credit is required for usage of ANY artwork or design made by me.